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Welcome to Chicks Rock, The premier women's rock climbing program

The premier women’s rock climbing program

Beginner to Advanced Climbers Welcome!

Ok girls, you finally get your way... Chicks with Picks is taking our infamous ice climbing clinics into the realm of rock climbing. Shed your soft shells and don your favorite tank top...we're heading to the rocks!

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Photo by Angela Hawse

"Chicks" has become well known for more than just climbing - our women become really good climbers, learn self-reliance and confidence that funnels into everyday life. We not only climb hard all day, we gather at night for dinners, discussions and slideshows. Chicks is as much about community as it is about climbing! We have created THE place for women to network, make friends and find climbing partners.

Our clinics have the reputation of being well-organized and they run like clockwork - this enables you to get more out of the experience than you ever imagined. Best of all, you get to climb with our famous Girly Guides. We welcome beginner to advanced rock climbers, with 5 different levels you can choose from. Chicks Rock will enable you to pursue your passion of rock climbing and take it to the next level in a super safe, supportive, fun atmosphere.


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2010 Women's
Rock Climbing Clinics:

Devil's Lake, Wisconsin Women's rock climbing clinics
September 13-16: Full or Daytime Package available

Red Rocks, Nevada Women's rock climbing clinics Fall & Spring!
April 15 - 19th
Sept. 30 - Oct 4th

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