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Crazy Creek limited edition Chicks Climbing camp chairs!

We’ve got some exciting (i.e. new & different!) Chicks Climbing merchandise for sale in the form of Crazy Creek camp chairs customized with the Chicks logo. Check them out! ┬áThe colors available are pictured from left-right: ash/moss; black; sky blue/cocoa; and royal blue.

Through a deal with Crazy Creek, we are able to offer these one-of-a-kind Chicks chairs for sale at a price of $50. But, unless you are local to the Ridgway area where they live at the Head Chick’s house you’ll likely have to add on shipping, which is $12 (awkward box size, sorry!).

If you are interested in picking up a Crazy Creek chair at one of our upcoming Chicks Rock! clinics, let us know because we may be able to save you shipping costs there, too!

These are actually great chairs to have at our Chicks Rock! events since some of our camping sites aren’t ‘traditional’ camp sites with picnic tables for seating, which makes having one of these a real luxury as opposed to sitting flat on the ground :-)

So, check them out and drop us a line at info[at]chickswithpicks.net if you’re interested in buying one!

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