Use Your Power Center (a.k.a The Butt Story)

We recently posted this Kitty Calhoun quote on Facebook, “Your butt is your power center….use it!” We received such a great response that we asked Kitty to elaborate in a blog post giving all of us the opportunity to think about our tush in a new, positive way.  So, let’s listen to Kitty and Sir Mix-A-Lot and celebrate our gifts!

Written by: Kitty Calhoun, Chicks Girly Guide


Susanne working her glutes!

I always thought my hips were like an anchor on a ship, weighing me down, until one day I saw a woman using her hips powerfully for momentum as she easily sent an overhanging sport route. Then, I started rethinking my opinion of my hips. What if, I thought, the more big and powerful your hips are, the stronger of a climber you could be – if you used them to your advantage.

As soon as I got home, I went to my book collection and pulled out Performance Rock Climbing, by D Goddard and U Neumann, to see if by chance they could confirm my new theory. I went to the index and low and behold, there it was – a whole chapter devoted to gender differences. Under the subheading “Power Center” it states…”The wider frame of attachment for the abdominal and gluteal muscles translates to a greater capacity for torsional stability and body tension from her power center.” Yes! I am a genius.

So, what this means is not only do you want to move your hips over your feet for balance, but you can also use the power of your hips for momentum. And furthermore, when turning sideways to reach a hold, “with proper foot choice, the lower body can generate a twisting force that, relayed through the more powerful core, rolls the upper body on the shoulders in a twist-lock”. This is powerful stuff.

If you need practice, consider taking one of our Chicks Rock programs – there are still just a few spots left in our October clinics. Turn that liability into your greatest asset!

June Newsletter

News from the Chicks with Picks Nerve Center:

Chicks Rock!We have officially launched our new women’s rock climbing program appropriately named Chicks Rock!

All Chicks are welcome as we are offering beginning to advanced clinics. We even have different packages you can sign up for.  You can come and climb with us in the daytime only or join us for dinners, slide show and camping. You choose.
Register Now!

2009 Dates:
Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin
September 7-10: Full or Daytime Package available

Red Rocks, Nevada
Option 1: October 1-4:
3-Day Weekend, Full or Daytime Package available
Option 2: October 1-5: 3-Day Weekend Plus Multi Pitch Day, Full or Daytime

Chicks Climbing

It’s our  new Social Networking group that combines Chicks with Picks and Chicks Rock as the go-to place for women’s climbing!  Interacting & networking over the internet is the sign of the times!
We have created three great opportunities for like- minded women to connect, have conversations and discuss hot topics about women & women climbers.

Chicks Climbing Facebook Group
Chicks Climbing Blog
Chicks Climbing Twitter

"Happy Home" Kathmandu Nepal

"Happy Home" Kathmandu NepalMedia:


This month Kim got great exposure with an interview on Everest Mind Camp a web site founded with a simple yet powerful mission in mind: To inspire people to take conscious and empowered action to achieve their personal and professional goals. Check it out

Everest Mind Camp: Go to Guests and then Previous Guests to read the interview with Kim

Women's Adventure Retreats

Women's Adventure Retreats

MIND OVER MOUNTAINS: Thought Provoking Retreats

Don’t forget our Women’s Adventure Retreats, combining yoga, workshops, outdoor activities, spa treatments, Life Coaching and lovely accommodations! Sign up for these transformational retreats soon, as they start in July!

Passion and Potential
Location: Chipeta Sun Lodge & Spa, Ridgway, Colorado
Dates: July 16 – 20, 2009
Difficulty: High Aerobic
Min/Max group size: 4/12
Price: $2250 – all inclusive

Circling Back to Simplicity
Location: The Nature Place, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Dates: August 23- 28, 2009
Difficulty: Moderate Aerobic
Min/Max group size: 4/12
Price: $1550 – all inclusive

Nothing is Constant But Change
Location: Colorado Chatauqua, Boulder, Colorado
Dates: September 17- 21, 2009
Difficulty: Low Aerobic
Min/Max group size: 4/12
Price: $1550 – all inclusive

When you’re hot, you’re HOT!

Join us here to discuss Hot Topics that are important to women and women’s climbers. We will have one sizzling topic per month to discuss, share ideas, expertise and the latest oppinions. Imagine that, a woman with an oppinion. Please let us know what Hot Topics you could warm up to….we are gathering ideas before we launch this Category. What would You like to read about?

May Newsletter

Welcome to Chicks Rock!
Brought to you by Chicks with Picks

Okay, girls, you finally get your way… Chicks with Picks is taking our infamous ice climbing clinics into the realm of rock climbing.  Shed your soft shell and don your favorite tank top… we’re taking it to the rocks!

Chicks has become well known for more than just climbing – our gals become solid climbers, learn self-reliance and gain confidence that funnels into everyday life. We not only climb hard all day, we also gather at night for dinners, discussions, slideshows and campfires. Chicks is as much about community as it is about climbing! We have created THE place for women to network, make friends and find climbing partners.

Our clinics have the reputation of being well-organized and they run like clockwork – this enables you to get more out of the experience than you ever imagined! Best of all, you get to climb with our famous Girly Guides which is always worth the price of admission. Chicks Rock will enable you to pursue your passion for rock climbing and take it to the next level in a super safe, supportive, fun atmosphere.

Photo: Anne Hughes

Photo: Anne Hughes

Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin
Three day “weekend”:
September 7-10, 2009

Located in the picturesque Baraboo Hills in south-central Wisconsin, Devil’s Lake State Park offers some of the best rock climbing in the Midwest. Surrounded on three sides by 1,400-foot bluffs, the Park is home to purple quartzite rock cliffs that measure a hundred feet in height, attracting climbers from all over the country. With 1600 rock climbs available to us, needless to say, there is no shortage of climbable rock in the park! We’d love to see you there with us in September!

Photo: Angela Hawse

Photo: Angela Hawse

Red Rocks, Nevada
Three Day Weekend: October 1-4, 2009
3-Day Weekend Plus Multi Pitch Day: October 1-5, 2009

Red Rocks is a world-class climbing area 20 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip. A three-thousand foot escarpment of Aztec Sandstone rises off the desert floor, offering multiple red rock canyons and endless adventure. With steep but moderate routes, long cracks and bolted faces, bouldering and short sport routes, there is something for every climber here! Come join us for your desert fix in October!

What does Chicks Rock include?
Price includes guided climbing, group camping (tents & sleeping bags provided), meals, and demo gear. You may stay at a hotel with your own reservation, if preferred. This is truly the “full package” affair – you don’t have to worry your pretty little head about anything except showing up to climb!
Climbing levels include beginning to advanced levels.


Chicks Rock 3 day “weekend” September 7-10, 2009 – Devil’s Lake, WI
Option 1) Full Package: Guiding (4-to-1 ratio), Camping & equipment, all meals, evening activities = $875
Option 2) Daytime package: excludes everything except Guiding (4-to-1 ratio) = $695

Chicks Rock 3 day weekend October 1-4, 2009 – Red Rocks, NV
Option 1) Full Package: Guiding (4-to-1 ratio), Camping & equipment, all meals, evening activities = $975

Option 2) Daytime package: excludes everything except Guiding (4-to-1 ratio) = $795

Chicks Rock 3 day weekend plus Multi-Pitch Day:
October 1-5, 2009 – Red Rocks, NV
Option 3) Chicks Rock 3 day weekend October 1-4 (4-to-1 ratio) plus the Multi-Pitch day October 5 (2-to-1 ratio) Full Package= $1280
Option 4) Chicks Rock 3 day weekend October 1-4 (4-to-1 ratio) plus the Multi-Pitch day October 5 (2-to-1 ratio) Daytime only (no camping or meals) = $1100

Our Web Page is under construction… keep checking the
Chicks with Picks website for the new page and more info!
Call or email in the meantime…

We can’t wait to see you on the rocks!

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