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A Love Letter to My Scarpa Phantom Techs

Dear Scarpa Phantom Techs, It’s that time of year again when I have more time for you and we can pick up where we left off last season on some of our favorite frozen waterfalls. Although I have terribly cold toes 365 days a year (poor circulation), you manage to keep me warm out on […]

Grabber’s All Weather Blanket is a Jewel

Grabber, who we love for their little nuggets of BTUs packaged as hand and toe warmers, also makes an excellent emergency, all-weather blanket called All Weather Blanket. Originally developed for the NASA space program, this lesser-known jewel has been a part of my kit for decades. Although many folks shun “emergency blankets” as hokey, guides […]

Stealth RECCO — Grivel Helmet Review

As Chicks approaches its 20th anniversary, we stand on the shoulders of a giant, a company that has been in the business of making the tools we use to climb for centuries.  This year Grivel celebrates their 200th anniversary.  And Grivel just launched the first-ever helmet with a RECCO reflector.  RECCO reflectors bounce back signals […]

 Natural American

Congratulations!  Karen Bockel, co-owner Chicks Climbing and Skiing, US citizen! Close friend and AMGA rock guide, Yoshiko Miyazaki-Back, was at the ceremony. Yoshi reflects on Karen’s accomplishment: Having witnessed first hand my husband going through the same process, I was reminded of the time and the emotional and financial commitment it takes. There are reams of paperwork, mandatory interviews. You must provide […]

Rules for Rope Care and Longevity

Rocktober is upon us. No doubt our ropes have gotten use and withstood abuse with spring, summer and early autumn climbs. Soon we’ll be monitoring backcountry drips for ice and our rope will get a bit of a rest while we sharpen our tools in anticipation of winter. Take stock of this time to inspect, […]

What Inspires You?

Why we climb, what motivates and inspires each of us is a personal experience. It’s easy to lose sight of our own potential and compare ourselves to others.  Rock climbing has become a mainstream sport, sensationalized by images and stories of super heroine feats that plaster social and print media on an hourly basis. We […]