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The Dawns do Iceland

Many years ago I met another Dawn. Her name is Dawn Rathburn, but she became known as Other Dawn soon after showing up to the first Chicks Rock clinic at Red Rocks in 2009. At this clinic I taught Other Dawn to tie her figure 8 and other rock climbing basics. I then talked Other […]

How to Pee without Taking Off your Harness

This public service announcement is brought to you by Chicks Co-Owner Dawn Glanc. She’s not afraid to demo this very important skill. Don’t worry, she will give you all the beta you need to execute this delicate maneuver, without revealing anything more than her granny panties.

Nice Climbing Rack

You’re heading out to go climbing and your partner asks you to bring the rack. What exactly do they want you to bring? Here are a few basic guidelines to help you show off your nice climbing rack. First, to be clear, a rack is whatever you need to climb the objective that day. If […]

How to Tie Ropes together for Rappelling

When tying two ropes together, or two ends of a cordelette, I look for a knot that is low volume and easy to tie. I find a double fisherman’s knot welds the rope together, is time consuming to tie, and is very likely to get jammed. So for years I used a Flat overhand to […]

Learn how to sport climb outdoors

Learn how to sport climb outdoors with Chicks Climbing by attending one of our outdoor sport climbing trips. Our trips are perfect for indoor gym climbers who want to learn to learn how to sport climb outdoors. We have 4 different levels that you can sign up for, so you will be grouped with others who […]

The Most Essential Climbing Gear

When heading out to climb, many of us do a simple gear check. Helmet, Harness, shoes, rope, draws? Check. But remember, the most essential climbing gear, your chalk bag. Yes, that is right, your chalk bag is the most essential climbing gear pieces you will ever own. Many think of this equipment as a mere fashion accessory and […]

Gym to Crag Tips

I have been working as a climbing guide since 1998. It has only been in the past few years that I meet climbers who have climbed for years, but never outside. This phenomenon is new to me, and it is new to the climbing world. The rise of the gym only climber is due to […]

Alpine Climbing: Tetons vs Baker

It’s all alpine climbing, so what’s the difference? This Summer Chicks will be offering two alpine climbing clinics. The term alpine climbing is very vague. This can mean anything from walking on snow to vertical rock climbing and everything in between. Let’s explore the difference between the Grand Teton and Mt Baker alpine climbing programs […]

Why We Love Maple Canyon

Imagine, a long never ending dry river bed. One full of river stones rounded to perfection by the water. The stones are glued into place by the dried sediment. Now imagine the river bed oriented vertically, and in some cases slightly overhanging. The glued stones become perfect cobbles waiting to be climbed. The smooth slopers, […]