Blast from the Past: Alum Interview with Juli Febbraro


Juli enjoying fall in the Dacks.

Juli enjoying fall in the Dacks.

We recently caught up with Juli Febbraro who attended Keene Valley Girly Gathering sponsored by Sterling Ropes.  She’s a mom and enjoys hitting Seneca Rocks – we love how amazing our alum are!

Name: Juli Febbraro

Years climbing: 7

If you aren’t climbing, you’re: being a mom

If you could choose any climbing partner, it would be: steph davis

Favorite climbing snack: trail mix with chocolate

The piece of gear I can’t live without is: nut tool & sunglasses

Favorite climb/adventure since you attended Keene Valley Girly Gathering: Seneca rocks

Girly Guide at Keene Valley: Emilie Drinkwater and Janet Wilkinson

Best advice for Keene Valley: layers layers layers!!

Why you attended the Girly Gathering: I really enjoy climbing with other women, I laugh and learn so much more.

New technique learned at Keene Valley: layback on an exposed crack.

Part of the clinic that surprised you: how good the food was at dinner!! Seriously, it was that good!

Most helpful item in your Chicks goodie bag: I just love the travel mug. 

Climb with Chicks in Dacks!  Learn more about our October Girly Gathering in Keene Valley here.

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