Margo Talbot reviews Black Diamond Cobras

Girly Guide Margo Talbot has just done a review of the Black Diamond Cobra ice tools for us at Chicks – check it out in this video (and check them out for yourselves at a Chicks with Picks clinic!)

The Black Diamond Cobras: “The ultimate pure ice climbing tool on the market.”

Margo Talbot is a world renowned ice climber whose love for the mountains sprang from her discovery of the Canadian Rockies over 20 years ago. Margo shares her passion for ice through guided expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica and through courses she teaches for The Glitter Girls and Chicks with Picks. Margo co-founded The Glitter Girls with Karen McNeill in 2003 and continues their mission of helping women find and grow their own inner goddesses through guided adventures on ice, rock and snow. Her book “All That Glitters” will be published in the Spring of 2011, check out her website at

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