SENDtember is in full swing & it shows in this week’s Gossip Report!

Here on the Chicks Climbing Gossip Report you can catch up on all of the great gossip (articles, videos, and other assorted cool stuff) we talked about over the past week at Chicks Climbing. If you are reading this, it’s probably Monday (maybe Tuesday for some of you) so that means our New River Gorge Girly Gathering clinic has successfully wrapped up and I am off to Yosemite for the week. So, this Gossip Report was prepared early, on Saturday, September 24, ahead of my Sunday departure and it’s still quite a whopper! Make no mistake, SENDtember is in full swing! However,because I’ll be busy playing in Yosemite this week, there will not be a Gossip Report next week. But don’t worry, it will only be a one-week lapse! Why am I going to Yosemite? Well, to climb of course! Fall is a great time for climbing as many of you know, and Chicks does have one final climbing event this year, and that is our Chicks Rock! intensive clinic at Red Rock Canyon Oct. 20-23, with an optional multi-pitch day Oct. 24. Get all the details on our final 2011 event of the year here!

Last week we posted a blog from one of our 2011 Chicks with Picks alumna, Almine Barton who wrote about her first ice climbing experience in Ouray and tells us “once you drink the frozen vertical ‘Kool-Aid’ you don’t go back.” Check out what she wrote about her experience here.

We also posted a lovely blog from the Head Chick called “This I Believe” – check it out to learn how and why Kim got to where she is today, by believing in herself. It’s powerful stuff that you can read here.

All of the other articles we linked to this past week through either the Chicks Climbing Twitter account, or on the Chicks Climbing Facebook fan page (and some on both!). We provide this wrap-up because we come across a TON of great resources each week, but understand that not everyone is online all the time, or even on both (or either) of these social media platforms. So you can check here each and every week for the latest and greatest in Chicks Climbing resources.

However, we know WE may have also missed some cool stuff this week, so if there is something of interest we missed that you came across this week please, let us know so we can share with everyone else!

Anyone interested in being a farmer this winter? An ice farmer that is, because the Ouray Ice Park (@OurayIcePark) has openings!

– New Female Nose Speed Record:
– Jen Vennon sends the 5.14b “Stockboy’s Revenge” in less than stellar conditions
– In her own words, Jen Vennon gives the play-by-play of her last Saturday send of 5.14b Stockboy’s Revenge:  s
– Amazing ticklist Sasha DiGiulian (@sashadigiulian) has going from Spain which includes: one 5.14c, one 5.14b, four 5.14a’s, four 5.13d’s, and four 5.13c’s…in 3 weeks!
– In her own words…Update from Sasha DiGiulian after her 3-week amazing (SENDing) trip to Spain:
– Video of awesome climbing mom Monique Forestier sending the 8b “Staring at the Sun” in Australia:
– Projecting hard routes can be stressful. So, can you still have fun asks Splitterchoss:
– Bookmark this –> Climbing in Patagonia doesn’t have to mean bad weather and epic excursions
– Great blog post from AAI (@AlpineInstitute) on maximizing your chances for rappelling safely:
– Injury prevention should be the number one goal of every climber:
– Get ready for the upcoming ice season at the Alpine Training Center:
– DIY project from The Trails Edge (@thetrailsedge): Build a Bouldering Wall in Your Backyard
– Awesome, and easy-sounding DIY project from Erica (@cragmama) on how to build your own stick clip:
– Steph Davis (@highsteph) is engaged! Congratulations! She announced it in this article where she also talks about base jumping,  climbing & more:
– Katie Levy (@k8tlevy) wrote a great post about taking a break from climbing in order to regain the psych:
– I’d say most climbers have felt this at one time or another: Accepting my wimpy side by Whitney (@whitneyio):
– For a new climber or those only climbing top rope, sometimes it may be better to not worry about ratings before trying a route. New, from Andy Ryan (@aframe) “Ratings? meh…”
– Thinking of ice season? Want to get sweaty palms? Here’s a video some of you may have already seen, Steve House soloing Repentance and Remission:
– OMG, these two Australians in the new Rock & Ice (@Rockandice) video are so funny as they talk about working on “Punks in the Gym”:
– Need a pick-me-up video? How about this oldie but goodie of Lynn Hill bouldering at Hueco Tanks:
– Great Climb Find (@climbfind) hero report on kickass climber Dorothea Karalus:
– Freedom Climb: Raising 10,000 women to better lives:
– The latest Rock & Ice (@Rockandice) TNB which has Taige soloing for the first time, at night…with brew monkeys:
– Who got you started in climbing? Krysia shares that it was her 5-year-old son!
– Video of a 4-year-old lead climbing in the gym – the amazing spider boy
– Old pieces of climbing gear that never caught on (thank goodness!) from Super Topo (@SuperTopo)
– Are you a female guide interested in being program director? Making a positive impact on girls? Apply!

– Represent the AAC on a Climbing Trip to Scotland – now taking applications:
– This week’s AAI (@alpineinstitute) climbing and outdoor news, which includes Dawn’s wedding!
– Whoa, ankle ouch! Climber stops himself from 1,300-foot fall with crampons:

– Wow, these Petzl (@Petzl) LYNX crampons look pretty sweet, you can modify them in several different ways!
– $50 Voucher for $25 at Vertical Girl right now at GearTribe (@GearTribe
– Adventure Inspired (@AdvInspired) is having a Sierra Designs super sale in partnership with Gear 66 (@Gear_66)
– The Mountain Diva explains why Ibex wool layers are her favorite choice to stay warm with this fall:

Training & Nutrition
– How do you deal with injury? A new post from Amy (@expandoutdoors):
– Overnight oatmeal from Rochelle (@clymberchick) who says “this may be the only reason I left my warm snuggly bed this morning”:

– Injuries are sometimes a blessing in disguise – Krysia (@ventrsomekrysia) writes about some good things happening during her forced downtime:
– How to deal with the “F-you stop,” from both sides, a great post from Amy (@expandoutdoors):

Trip Reports
– Trip report from Erica (@cragmama) on bouldering at the Grayson Highlands:
– Climbing, SUP-ing, kayaking, Vanessa (@vanizzle17) did it all on a trip to the New! Check out her trip report:

Fun Stuff
– Jenn Fields’ (@jennfields) latest Field Notes is about fall & why it’s entirely too short:
– Guess who made Dawn Glanc’s wedding cake? Kitty Calhoun! Who knew? It was amazing – edible rocks and climbers summiting:

If you have a blog entry that you think would be of interest to the women of Chicks Climbing please let us know! We love getting contributed content from other women – anything from trip reports, nutrition and training tips, to videos. We want to share your resources with the community – much like we do with the Gossip Report and are more than happy to re-publish and share links on behalf of the women’s climbing community!

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  1. Christine Perez
    Christine Perez says:

    Nice.  I so wished I could have made it to the New River Gorge Gathering.  Next time!  My climbing crew were jonesing for a trip in October and weren’t able to make it happen.  But, I was able to sneak in a climb this weekend at The Quincy Quarries in Boston.  So excited.  Anyone ever been?

    Thanks for all the info and gossip.  I’ll keep tracking it!

    • mburkert
      mburkert says:

      Hey Christine, Gina Begin and Stephen Weiss of @TheMostEpicTrip were just climbing up there in Boston, and I think @aframe was also up there, so I’d recommend hitting them up on Twitter for all the details. I seem to remember Gina saying there was some seriously great climbing up there, so have fun!

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Hey Christine, Gina Begin and Stephen Weiss of @TheMostEpicTrip were just climbing up there in Boston, and I think @aframe was also up there, so I’d recommend hitting them up on Twitter for all the details. I seem to remember Gina saying there was some seriously great climbing up there, so have fun! 


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