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As our Chicks alumnae know, Kim Reynolds, the Head Chick, is also a certified life coach. Many have benefited from Kim’s coaching practice over the years, and we wanted to start to share some of her writing here on the Chicks blog as well! For those who want to contact Kim about a free coaching session, her contact information is at the bottom. 

Until recently, I’ve taken my lifestyle a bit for granted and simply attached the word “normal” to my wanderings. It never appeared unusual because I’m just little-ole-me in here, and there are plenty of other really cool people doing amazing things out there. Now, after 30 years, my resume looks a little unusual and I have finally come to grips with the fact I have not followed the mainstream.

I have rarely paused along this journey to examine how and why I actually got here. When I started to look, I found one simple answer…are you ready for this?  I always believed I could. That’s it!  No one, not even my parents, tried to convince me otherwise. I was either a) completely clueless, b) generally naïve, c) stubborn or d) all of the above.

I think we all have a defining story and mine’s called “I decided the fate of my life from the back of a station wagon.” It goes like this: By the time I was in 5th grade, my family drove from Minnesota to Colorado on ski vacations to Winter Park, Aspen and Vail. I was the youngest of three, so I was thrown in the (way) back with the luggage on one side and me, my stuffed animals and sleeping bag on the other. I fell in love with the mountains and would stay glued to the window as they came into view.

From this vantage point, I decided that when I grew up I would climb mountains, be a ski instructor and live in a log cabin. I was called to be a mountain girl; all I had to do was get through junior high and high school to get there! During my senior year, I saved enough money to attend a three week Outward Bound course in Oregon. It was there I went backpacking, rock climbing and stood on top of a peak for the first time.

On the last night of the course as I slept under the stars I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life.  From here, I went to an outdoorsy college, learned to climb mountains in Alaska and the Himalaya, lived in a yurt, became a ski patroller, an Outward Bound instructor along with a variety of other outdoor careers.  I have been fortunate to follow my dreams AND figure out a way to get there. If nothing else, I am resourceful.

When I became a Life Coach, I learned that there are plenty of people who feel stuck and are in search of more meaning, purpose or passion in their life. How can this be in a world full of limitless possibilities? So I set out to help people uncover their own mysteries and learn to shine.

In the process, I have come to understand that when we really want something we can get it with the right intention, willingness and affirming attitude. Here’s where it starts:

Internal dialogue – when you form an idea, start to visualize what it will look like. This is a creative process and the sky is the limit unless you put a ceiling on this picture. Get excited, do the research and explore until it becomes so compelling you will feel inspired to share it with others.

– The most imaginative ideas come from a place of stillness and deep listening.
– What are you telling yourself? Do your thoughts come from a place of potentiality or a place of fear?
– If all you see are obstacles, you will bump into them and attract the people who are tripping in the same places.

Speak Out Loud – the moment you share an idea, it is witnessed and becomes more real. People will hold you accountable and ask how “it’s” coming along. Another person may lend a refreshing perspective and point you towards a new resource. Once you give a voice to your objective, you are more apt to follow through because you won’t want to be a flake.

– Remain optimistic and the possibilities will unfold.
– You will attract people who can help you and want to have the same conversation.
– Avoid words such as I can’t, I shouldn’t, what if, but… what you speak will come true (for better or worse).

Action – once you take the first step towards your vision, the other steps will become more apparent. Forward momentum will keep you stimulated. Make sure your intentions are pure and come from your highest self. Your ego will only get you into trouble. Dance with the unexpected as if you planned it.

– Do one thing towards your goal each day.
– Try new approaches to old habits.
– Ask for help.
– Truly believe it’s possible or none of this will work!

Kim Reynolds is  the founder of Chicks Climbing: Chicks with Picks & Chicks Rock!, Mind Over Mountains ( and the dZi Foundation ( Kim is a Certified Life Coach. For a free Life Coaching sample session,give Kim a call, 970-623-2442 or email To read more of her articles go to:

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  1. Christine Perez
    Christine Perez says:

    Love it! Particularly the definition of action.  So often, it’s easier to sit and complain about life not giving you what you want.  When you realize YOU need to put the next foot in front of the other, it’s extremely liberating.

    “Action is the commitment to achieving a single goal.” David Mamet

  2. @Stephenwweiss
    @Stephenwweiss says:

    Great tips!  I have told friends that if you have a dream, tell as many
    people as you can that you are doing it NOT thinking about it.  I did
    that while making my move to Utah from Ohio and it motivated me to
    follow through.  I mostly didn’t want to be called a liar, but
    nonetheless I am living a dream life now! Also, I had a good laugh of
    being smashed in the car between luggage.  I am the youngest in my
    family as well, and I know your suffering. 😉


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